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The world’s first predictive tool for employee absenteeism

In 2016 the UK lost 15.8 million working days to mental health issues. 75% of those could have been prevented. The Vitality Mind Challenge® is the only tool available to counsellors and other occupational health professionals that provides an immediate, accurate assessment of a subject’s mental health, its likely future impact on the workplace, and a clear strategy for action / intervention.

Vitality Mind Challenge®- the 4 Pillars


of absenteeism caused by mental health issues can be prevented


The VMC®’s identifies issues for intervention that are in danger of deterioration over the following 12 months


of participants rate the VMC® results as ‘very accurate’


The VMC® enables proactive, precise & targeted & counselling / coaching

Why the Vitality Mind Challenge®?

£86 billion – annual cost to the UK of mental health in the workplace
15.8 million - working days per year lost due to mental health issues
500,000 - people in the UK that suffer from workplace stress
25% – year-on-year increase in absenteeism due to mental health
Source: Institute of Directors

The Vitality Mind Challenge® measures individuals’ mental wellbeing against 20 Personality Traits and Situational Stress Markers, providing a genuinely personalised snapshot of participants’ mental health.

VMC® also has a powerful predictive component, enabling licensed counsellors, coaches and occupational health professionals to address issues well before any potential impact on participants’ working lives, by tailoring a precise, target plan or intervention for each one.

The feedback from occupational mental health professionals who have been awarded a VMC® Coach licence, and offering it to clients, has been outstanding:
“Since I became a licensed VMC coach my clients report on average a 95% reduction in absenteeism due to stress and other mental health issues. Thanks to the VMC’s unique ability to both provide personalised insight into employees’ mental health, and predict looming crises, I can offer very quick, truly preventative occupational mental health coaching, and I’m fully booked for the next 6 months!”
Marjolein Engbers
Business Coach, Licensed VMC®Coach & Psychologist
The Coach Bureau

The VMC® for Individuals

Struggling at work with persistent issues such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and panic attacks? Concerned that your mental well-being is affecting your prospects – even your job security? The Vitality Mind Challenge® is the fastest and most reliable tool to identify and fix those mental health issues affecting your job satisfaction, security and prospects.

The Vitality Mind Challenge® is available to everyone, not just trained Coaches & Counsellors, and anyone can derive real benefit from its insights – however, to get the correct insight into your results and the most from the VMC®, you will require a debrief with a VMC trained coach.

Your results will be send to your coach who will then explain and discuss your results with you and can offer further support if required. We can put you in touch with our coaches and the debrief can take place face to face, by phone or Skype. Why are we doing it this way? Because we want to ensure that you will receive the correct insight into your mental vitality and should you require support, that it will be offered.

The VMC® for Coaches & Counsellors

The Vitality Mind Challenge® informs and complements coaching and counselling programmes by identifying key Personality Traits and Situational Stress Markers, thus reducing time spent on preliminary / exploratory work.

The Vitality Mind Challenge® is an excellent tool for ‘breaking the ice’ at the crucial early stages of client work, and – with appropriate de-briefing and follow-up work – gives hesitant clients confidence that many of their issues can be identified, quantified and both reactively and proactively addressed.

The Vitality Mind Challenge® has proven to be an unparalleled tool for identifying clients at risk of future workplace absenteeism from mental health issues. Studies show that 75% of such absenteeism can be avoided, and feedback from VMC®-licensed coaches is that this is the only reliable tool they’ve encountered to make a significant and lasting impact on an area that is so costly to business – and so fundamental to employee satisfaction.

The Vitality Mind Challenge® will ensure your corporate and individual clients receive – and perceive – real and lasting value from your work

How does the Vitality Mind Challenge® work?


The participant receives a unique code to log in to the online VMC® from anywhere


The participant then takes the VMC®, comprising 100 questions, which takes most participants about 15 minutes to complete


The coaches receive the results in the form of a graph


The coach de-briefs the participant, going through the graph in detail (this session usually takes about 1 hour), and agrees a future, tailored coaching / counselling programme, where the report recommends proactive intervention

The VMC Journey

Profile Picture Profile Picture
Dr Theo Immers
– the vital mind behind the Vitality Mind Challenge©